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J co Solutions is dedicated to providing up to date voice and data network solutions and to coordinate the installation and ongoing maintenance  to keep your network infrastructure operating at its peak efficiency. For a free evaluation of your network and IP telephony contact  J co  today.

Today’s businesses are searching for ways to converge their technologies into one cohesive infrastructure, to boost productivity and reduce total cost of ownership. J co Solutions specializes in the convergence of networks and the coordination of vendors and services so you can concentrate on your business not your networking needs.

IP Telephony has the benefit of one shared infrastructure, simplified moves adds and changes and the ability to centrally manage multiple sites, this and the reduced costs of site to site communications and infrastructures can reduce cost of ownership and shorten ROI  (return on investment) cycles. While some vendors are struggling to incorporate IP telephony J co specializes in IP telephony. The team at J co. has been implementing IP telephony since its early development.

Is IP telephony right for your organization? Today’s pricing structures, scalability and built in applications like voicemail and call reporting make IP systems right for a majority of today’s businesses.

Too frequently information presented has more to do with what a vendor knows then what is best to meet a company's needs. Today’s solutions providers are highly skilled but sometimes are so focused on their core skills that they do not see the whole picture. Traditionally voice solutions providers have no understanding of data networking and therefore can not truly take advantage of the benefits of converged technologies. Data network professionals have had a hard time dealing with voice infrastructures relying too heavily on outdated information and "old ways". The old way is two distinct networks with two distinct groups of professionals dealing with their area of expertise and being unable to co-ordinate a seamless integration.

 To benefit from today’s converged technologies, businesses need partners that not only have expertise in their core line of technologies but a good understanding of all technologies and the ability to bring them all together into one centrally administered network.

 J co Solutions has the knowledge and experience to truly integrate voice and data networks. Whether a small LAN or multi-site WAN, we can work with your existing Data service provider or provide you with an all in one solution.  Convergence is no longer just a "Buzz" word it is reality. Voice. data and email all working together. Dial from your PC or Smart Phone, be notified when you have messages, check all messages at the same location (Unified Messaging), get detailed reporting and do it all through central management.

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