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     In addition to our Telephony Services, J co can help you realize your networking needs both Hosted and premise based. whether your looking for simple peer-to-peer resource sharing or a full blown client server Domain,  J co can help you from design to implementation. The network is the backbone of any organization. Done wrong and you can spend your days trouble shooting, done right and you boost your organizations productivity. Let J co help you utilize today's technologies and solutions providers to reach your organizational present and future goals.

Some of J co's solutions:

-Hosted Services. From Cloud PBX and SIP trunks to Hosted Software suites, everything is available in the cloud. Let J co help you navigate all your options. We also offer the less mainstream services like vehicle tracking and other Internet of things.. You get top tier services without having to invest in equipment that is costly to acquire and to maintain.

- Pre construction/build-out design. Let us assist in the design of your backbone. Planning today for your current and future needs. If done correctly a well planned infrastructure will pay for itself with easier troubleshooting and less maintenance.

- Premise Wiring. Don't skimp here, make sure you have planed for future growth. J co has the experience and expertise to look past the obvious and design a network to suite your current needs without forgetting about your future. Once designed we can install and maintained your cabling infrastructure.

- Equipment Room. To often an equipment room is an after thought, This is the heart of your network, From servers to telephony equipment to power backups and racks,      J co can install and maintain your network nerve center.

- Servers and PCs. Different applications require different solutions. J co can help you evaluate your needs for efficient distribution of data and services across your LAN/WAN, Including Computer and Telephony integration (convergence).

- Network Security. Featuring SonicWall Firewalls. Protect your network and data from intrusion with a SonicWall next generation firewall.

- Multi Site. Multi site WAN's require special consideration for voice and data distribution. J co has the experience to help design and implement your Wan.

-Vendor co-ordination. Let J co help co-ordinate all your vendors, Including your local,  long distance and SIP providers. Today's available services are numerous and vendors for these services are even more numerous. J co can coordinating installations and maintenance so you can concentrate on what you do best.

-Convergence. Traditionally Voice, Data and even Security networks have been separate. J co has the experience to converge these networks so they may work together. One converged network has the benefits of central management as well as the efficient integration of resources, saving you time and money. Computer and Telephony Integration (CTI) can boost productivity helping to keep all resources at the finger tips of your most valuable resource, your employees. While CTI is still a new concept for many vendors of voice and data services, the team at J co has been specializing in this growing field since it's early beginnings.

-Web site design. Need a presence on the web, J co can assist you there as well. There are many options available should you want a web presence, let J co help you find the right solution for your organization.


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