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IPitomy ACD and Q Manager


IPitomy’s ACD leverages all the advantages of IP to maximize user productivity
and ensure callers experience the ultimate in customer service … both of which
translate into improved business performance and an optimal ROI.

Q-Manager: Agents and Supervisors get the big picture when using Q-Manager. Q-Manager provides insight into all queued calls and agent status. All User and Agent Status is encapsulated in a small panel that provides lots of information about the user/agent at a glance. This avoids cumbersome additional screens for displaying information. Displaying all user/agent status in a single panel leaves more room on the screen to get the big picture without complicating training.

Coupled with simple and intuitive administration and user interfaces, IPitomy’s
ACD is flexible enough to support the sophisticated applications necessary for
streamlined, efficient and cost effective call handling:



Virtual Call Centers – utilize the best agents regardless of where they are at
home or in different geographic or  branch office locations

Skills-Based Routing
– match the caller’s needs to the available agent best
suited to handle the call

Multiple Queue Assignments – increase productivity and capacity
by equipping agents with the information they need to effectively handle a
variety of call types

Overflow & Load Balancing
– respond to fluctuations in call volume by
automatically enlisting additional agents or groups when user-defined
thresholds are breached


IPitomy ACD Features List

Below is a list of all of IPitomy's Formal Call Center and ACD features compared
to IPitomy's Standard Informal Ring Group Features.  The Standard features are
avalailable on all IPitomy systems.  The Optional Formal Call Center/ACD
features are available with the options ACD package.


Call Queues

Standard Queues

ACD Queues 
Unlimited Call Queues


In Queue Call Routing          No    Yes
Route When a Queued Caller Presses  Any Digit          No    Yes
Queue Caller Timeout          No    Yes
Queue Member Circuit Limit          No    Yes
Route When Max Queue Length Reached          No    Yes
Route When No Members Logged In          No    Yes
Custom Music on Hold Per Queue          No    Yes
Invisible Queues          No    Yes
Members Never Busy          No    Yes
Announce Position in Queue          No    Yes
Announce Estimated Hold Time          No    Yes
Announcement Frequency Control          No    Yes
Log-in Queue Members          No    Yes
Permanent Queue Members          No    Yes
Real Time Queue Status          No    Yes
Historical Queue Logs          No    Yes
Historical Queue Statistics          No    Yes
Route When Queue Empty          No    Yes
Acknowledge Call         Yes    Yes
Queue Member Presence         Yes    Yes
Ring Strategies:         Yes    Yes
- Ring All         Yes    Yes
- Round Robin         Yes    Yes
- Fewest Calls         Yes    Yes
- Least Recently Called         Yes    Yes
- Random         Yes    Yes
Queue Specific Music on Hold         Yes    Yes
Unlimited Voice IVR Menus         Yes    Yes
Upload Pre Recorded Prompts and Messages         Yes    Yes
Agent Log In          No    Yes
Agent Log Off          No    Yes
Auto Log Off          No    Yes
Agent Only Extensions          No    Yes
One-touch Log in/Log off          No    Yes
WEB Based Administration    
Administrator Controls         Yes    Yes
User Controls         Yes    Yes
Program Phones Remotely         Yes    Yes
Call Center Manager Control         Yes    Yes
Operator Call Control         Yes    Yes
Recording & Monitoring    
Call Recording         Yes    Yes
Recording Stored in Mailbox Folder         Yes    Yes
Call Monitoring         Yes    Yes
Logging & Reporting    
Current Calls         Yes    Yes
Call Logs         Yes    Yes
Call Reporting         Yes    Yes
Queue Status          No    Yes
Queue Reports          No    Yes
Custom Audio Recordings    
Recording Voice Prompts         Yes    Yes
Multple Languages         Yes    Yes
Voice Prompts Yes         Yes    Yes
Business Hours and Schedules    
Day/Night Schedule         Yes    Yes
Operator Can Force Day/Night Schedule         Yes    Yes
Routable Schedules         Yes    Yes
Schedules for Each DID         Yes    Yes



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