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IPitomy IP1100


The IP1100 is a Powerful IP PBX System Fully featured IP PBX that s
upports the complete line of IPitomy Features including the Desktop Call Manager Multi-Site Suite of features. Besides all of IPitomy's great features, the IP1100 is a compact chassis that is easy to mount to a wall. Powerful text messaging with all users plus text messaging with cell phones using any XMPP chat client.  Full presence management in the office or from a mobile phone such as the IPhone or Android.

The IP1100 supports screen pops in Microsoft Outlook and Google using InGenius software.  Integrations for TAPI and CRM applications like Salesforce.com and Sugar CRM round out an impressive application platform that will meet the needs of any organization.

Of course the IP1100 supports SIP trunks and analog gateways.  Remote users, ACD, 32 port confernce bridge, web based administration and all of the IP PBX features you need to keep your business on the technological forefront of features and benefits.


IPitomy IP1200


The IPitomy IP1200 is a powerful business communications platform. It is a pure IP PBX designed with exceptional unified communications performance for businesses up to 100 users. The system is compatible with analog lines and T1 /PRI lines for traditional Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN) connectivity. In addition to traditional telephone lines, the IPitomy IP1200 can use VoIP service providers, replacing traditional PSTN lines with a broadband connection.

IP1200 handles all of your communications requirements in the office. The IP1200 can be configured in any way that best suits your telecommunications needs. Easy connection to VoIP over your existing data connection or easy connection to PSTN lines using add on cards and IPitomy gateways. If your network requires a fast moving T1 line, we have it. T1 cards can support standard T1 technology and also PRIís. The IPitomy IP1200 can also support dual port T1 cards. With this state of the art system the possibilities are endless. The IP1200ís long list of features, exceptional reliability record and pure IP technology are the perfect combination for businesses that want unified communications advantages and investment protection.

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